NUTRITub feeding supplements are scientifically formulated to supplement specific NUTRIent deficiencies on natural grazing.

At recommended intake levels, NUTRITub ensures the perfect NUTRIent balance for best meat, milk and wool production.

Energi: Scientifically proven as the fastest and most effective weight gain supplement for cattle, sheep and goats, it assists in the prevention of ketosis and is an ideal supplement for late gestation among cows, sheep and goat ewes, even sheep and goat ewes with lambs and cows with calves. It is also an excellent stimulant for all ruminants.


Formulated to supplement all NUTRItional needs of small and big game, this product contains an aloe-based remedy, making it a safe product for all kinds of weather, cutting production losses. Completely NPN and Urea free.


This supplements phosphate and other mineral deficiencies occurring mainly in grass-veld and savannah regions of Southern Africa.


This is most convenient and effective way to supplement protein and mineral deficiency on grazing and roughage, improving productivity, and increasing reproduction and profit.

The NUTRITub Range Additional benefits:

  • Superior condition and radiant health of animals.
  • The unique ‘toffee’ concept makes it the only ‘lick’ that cannot be bitten, but must literally be ‘licked’, enabling regulation of intake.
  • Being CMS (molasses)-based, the supplements are tastier and wind loss is eliminated.
  • Selective feeding does not alter composition.
  • The unique multi-purpose tub packaging prevents breakage by trampling and eliminates wastage.
  • Once emptied, the resilient tubs can easily be put to other uses.
  • Licks are weather-resistant and retain their consistency in both hot and rainy conditions. Only the top 2,5cm becomes wet, making it 100% safe in wet conditions.
  • Contains NPN for stimulating microbe activity to optimise fibre digestion.

An important consideration:

NUTRITub contains NPN, so it must be fed strictly according to feeding instructions and not used injudiciously with other NPN-containing feeds. It is advisable to consult a qualified animal NUTRItionist for clarification in this regard.