Procurement by Nutri Feeds

Raw Material Procurement

NUTRI Feeds’ raw material procurement function is aimed at acquiring raw materials from the market to ensure the continuity of supply, obtaining the highest quality at the most beneficial cost. NUTRI Feeds follows a defined procurement strategy with the sole objective of procuring commodities for own use in the production of animal feed.

Products procured are grains, oilseeds and oilseed meals, wheat and maize by-products, fishmeal, oils, synthetic amino acids’ mono-calcium phosphorus, sodium bicarbonate, vitamins and routine feed additives.

In order to ensure the quality of feed manufactured by NUTRI Feeds, all ingredients are procured against stringent specification guidelines and raw materials must conform to relevant laws and regulations. Raw materials supplied to NUTRI Feeds are inspected and tested for quality.

Transport costs are optimised and managed through a negotiation of competitive rates and use of back loads.

All suppliers of ingredients must complete a Supplier Questionnaire Form where upon the National Procurement Manager and National Technical Manager evaluates the supplier before a procurement award can be made.