NUTRI Feeds Technical

NUTRI Feeds has a highly evolved technical division that is dedicated to assisting each customer in the most effective products and usages for their specific purposes.

Please contact our expert technical professionals if you have any questions or problems regarding our product ranges.

Laboratory & Quality Control

The Management of NUTRI Feeds is committed to our policy of continual improvement of quality assurance related to the process as described in ISO 9001: 2008 and feed safety in terms of ISO 22000:2005 and will ensure that this policy is understood, accepted, implemented and maintained throughout the company.

Our policy is to provide animal feeds through expert product development practices, optimised manufacturing practices, compliance with feed safety regulations and adhering to well-controlled quality practices.

Our objective is to guarantee the safety of the feed and the satisfaction of customers at all times by:

  • Providing feed that is safe for the animal and consumer
  • Striving for full compliance to the Regulation Act 36
  • Assuring customer satisfaction
  • Achieving continual advancement for improved management of feed safety system.


Our main Laboratory is situated in Viljoenskroon and has serviced all our internal NUTRI Feeds clients, as well as our external clients, since 1981.

Equity & skill development

Our continuing goal is to provide our clients with quality data that is scientifically sound to enhance their product performance.

We are a trusted partner within our company and to external clients around South Africa, providing quality analytical testing, friendly client service and value-added analytical data.

We are an active member of Agri-LASA (Agri- Laboratory Association of South-Africa), which coordinates a comprehensive inter-laboratory comparison scheme to ensure that plants and animal feed analyses are constantly monitored and evaluated.

Our analytical focus areas:
  • Plant and grain analysis
  • Final feed quality control
  • Water analysis
Analytical instruments:
  • Near Infrared (NIR) instruments (Operational at all feed mills)
  • ICP – Inductive coupled plasma (Mineral analysis)
  • Protein analysis (Leco combustion method)

More Information

A comprehensive analytical test spectrum and price list is available from:
Quality Manager : Jaco Scheepers
Tel: 083 463 8933