Broiler Feed Range


Broiler-Feed-RangeNUTRI Broiler’s precise scientific formulation is based on our extensive research and internationally accepted technology and testing. NUTRI Broiler feeding programs have resulted in Production Efficiency Factors (PEF) of in excess of 350.

With NUTRI Broiler’s unique feeding programs you will:

  • Achieve the highest daily weight gain with the lowest possible feed consumption.
  • Dramatically reduce overall feed costs and optimise profitability.

NUTRI Broiler has a unique feeding program to suit you:

  • Ideal for high-performance producers requiring maximum daily weight-gain, with lowest possible feed consumption.
  • Entails a five- or six-phase feeding program with weekly conversions to the next phase.
  • The optional first phase ration meets the specific needs of day-old chickens, limiting premature mortality and ensuring healthy weight at seven days.
  • Optimal balance of protein-building amino acids and energy results in ideal skeletal development and muscle growth with reduced fat accumulation.
  • Increased breast meat yield with reduced fat content ensures good carcass quality and yield percentages.
  • Fully balanced in terms of vitamin and mineral content. The only additional supplement would be a coccidiostat.
  • Only available for bulk delivery

  • Most suitable for producers catering for health- and environmentally-conscious consumers.
  • Has all the key features of NUTRI Broiler Gold, but is unique in that only natural, vegetative raw materials are used to ensure an end product with farm-fresh taste and appealing colour.
  • Range can be used as a four- or five-phase feeding program.
  • Feeding supplements are limited to natural products preventing unwanted substances in meat and manure, making it more environmentally friendly.

  • The range consists of four feeding phases and is intended for producers who seek the good results achieved with the Gold range, but who find it difficult to handle more feeding phases due to chicken house limitations.
  • Achieves growth targets without impeding feed conversion.
  • Using a pre-starter ensures that good seven-day weights are achieved.
  • The range is available in bulk as well as in bags.
  • Products include a coccidiostat and growth stimulant.

  • Most suitable for producers who cater for live sales or who have a less intensive production system.
  • Quality levels are maintained despite lower feed costs.
  • This is a traditional three-phase feeding program that can be enhanced with a pre-starter ration to promote early growth.
  • Products include a coccidiostat and growth stimulant.
  • This range is available in bags at all existing distribution points.