Beef Feed Range



NUTRI Beef’s scientifically proven feeding program helps maximise beef production and profit by ensuring:

  • Optimal weight gain and perfect fat levels to achieve top grading results.
  • Optimal healthy bone and muscle growth from birth to slaughter.
  • Best dressing percentage, up to 57% nett cold slaughter weight.
  • Optimal feed digestion, absorption and conversion, utilising the least possible feed to achieve maximum marketable weight.
  • Uniquely versatile concentrates, providing a wider range of highly economical mixing options.
  • Safe and easy mixing with minimum wastage.

NUTRI Beef Range

6310 NUTRI Beef Easy Mix Starter & 6311 NUTRI Beef Easy Mix Finisher

These two products enable quick, cost effective, safe and easy mixing without the need for roughage or milling.

  • Ruminants can be fed with whole-maize or some small grains, avoiding the cost of, and need for, additional grinding.
  • Above average feed conversion can be obtained with Easy Mix.
6304 NUTRI Beef Feedlot Finisher 85

Ideal for fattening and finishing older animals prior to slaughter, the feedlot finisher provides:

  • Protein formulation based on rumen degradability.
  • An economical ready-mixed feed.
  • Ionophores for more efficient feed conversion.
  • Bloat prevention.
6302 NUTRI Beef Maxi 33

Scientifically formulated specifically for all ages and weight groups, Maxi 33 provides:

  • High-quality rumen bypass and rumen degradable proteins for optimal growth.
  • Ionophores and growth promoters for more efficient feed conversion.
  • Bloat prevention.
NUTRI Beef Feeding Program for Beefers

The latest technology in formulation and quality control give NUTRI Feed’s beefer rations a perfect balance of NUTRIents for optimal production and profitability. This product will provide consistent NUTRItion during drought, or the ultimate NUTRItion required to finish animals for show.