Nutri Tub Protein (V 14994; NFF 1133) – 6611

Nutri Tub Protein (V 14994; NFF 1133) – 6611

6611 NUTRI TUB PROTEIN (V 14994; NFF 1133)

Class: Protein, mineral and trace mineral supplement for ruminants.

  • Nutri Tub Protein is a protein, mineral and trace-mineral supplement for ruminants (cattle, sheep and goats);
  • Feed ad lib to animals on good-quality winter grazing available in sufficient quantities;
  • The lick is available in a convenient container that is easy to handle, with no wastage;
  • The condition of the animals should be monitored regularly, particularly during the late winter (August to September), when a protein/energy lick should be considered to meet the increased nutrient requirements of lactating and first-calf cows.


The animal Tub supplements from Nutri Feeds are scientifically formulated to supplement specific Nutrient deficiencies on natural grazing.

At recommended intake levels, NUTRITub ensures the perfect NUTRIent balance for best meat, milk and wool production for animals.