Nutri Tub Phosphate (V 14996; NFF 1132) – 6601

Nutri Tub Phosphate (V 14996; NFF 1132) – 6601

6601 NUTRI TUB PHOSPHATE (V 14996; NFF 1132)

Class: Mineral and trace mineral supplement for ruminants.

  • Nutri Tub Phosphate is an effective and convenient product to supplement macro minerals (Ca and P) on deficient summer grazing.
  • It furthermore provides trace minerals that are essential to the development of growing animals or to promote the production and reproduction of the adult animal.


The animal Tub supplements from Nutri Feeds are scientifically formulated to supplement specific Nutrient deficiencies on natural grazing.

At recommended intake levels, NUTRITub ensures the perfect NUTRIent balance for best meat, milk and wool production for animals.