Dry Cow 18 Plus (V 17562) – 5113

Dry Cow 18 Plus (V 17562) – 5113

5113 DRY COW 18 PLUS (V 17562)

Class: Concentrated dry-cow feed.

Feed Nutri Dry Cow 18 at 2.5 to 3.0 kg per day, in combination with sufficient roughage for the cow’s dry period in order to manage condition. However, when the cow enters the late pregnancy period (21 days before calving), change to Nutri Dry Cow 18 Plus, which, in addition to 18% protein and energy (11 MJ ME/kg), also contains sufficient anionic salts to produce a negative DCAB. Feed the Dry Cow 18 Plus meal at 2.5 to 3.5 kg per day in combination with roughage or grazing to adapt the rumen to the lactation concentrate and limit the incidence of lacteal fever. As soon as the cow has calved, remove the anionic salts and follow the feed management programme for lactation.




A unique and innovative concept in dairy feed, the new NUTRI Milk product range offers a wide range of customised feed options and solutions.

NUTRI Milk dairy feeds will maintain a healthy rumen environment and the balance between milk production, milk composition, fertility and health.

Why the NUTRI Milk feeding program is so unique:

  • Specifically addresses differences in milk production potential, feeding management, and your available roughage.
  • Fractional analysis process establishes the exact NUTRIent profile of farm-produced roughage and other feed sources, enabling exact customised feed formulation on the farm, specifically in terms of protein and energy quality and content, ensuring maximum rumen microbe protein production
  • Effective interaction between energy and protein sources in the products, in combination NUTRI Milk’s product line differs in crude protein percentage, with protein content options of between 15% and 23%.