Sheep Feed Range

NUTRI Sheep’s advanced scientific feeding program maximises animal production and profit by ensuring:

  • Optimal weight gain for perfect grading results.
  • Optimal healthy bone and muscle growth from birth to slaughter.
  • Best dressing percentage of up to 47% nett cold slaughter weight.
  • Optimal feed digestion, absorption and conversion, utilising the least possible feed to achieve maximum marketable weight.
  • Uniquely versatile concentrates, with a wider range of highly economical mixing options.
  • Safe and easy mixing with minimum wastage.
  • NUTRIent content is bio-available.
  • Maintains a healthier rumen environment for best production results.

The NUTRI Sheep product range comprises BIR Receiver, BIR Weaner, BIR Builder and BIR Finisher.

NUTRI Sheep is also available in concentrates, and 4,5kg NUTRI Sheep feed should equate to 1 kg mass growth. (Conditions apply.)

Class: Complete sheep feed.

An adaptation ration that should be provided ad lib. to sheep from day 3. On the first two days sheep should be fed only roughage, or the sheep should be gorged on grazing. Feed for 14 days in feedlots for adaptation purposes, it also serves as a maintenance ration that is fed to sheep as a supplement level of 250 – 350 g per sheep during droughts to maintain body mass.

Class: Complete ewe and lamb feed.

Feed to lightweight lambs (less than 30 kg live mass) after the adaptation period on BIR Weaner for at least two weeks, or until a live mass of 35 kg is reached. Feed ad lib. This weaner ration can also be used as creep feed. Use creep pens so that only lambs have access to the ration.

Class: Complete sheep feed.

Provide ad lib. to sheep after the adaptation period or after BIR Weaner if it was used. Feed until marketing or, if a heavier type of lamb is fed, up to a live mass of 40 kg. Particularly suitable for meat types.

Class: Complete sheep feed.

Feed Nutri Sheep BIR Finisher ad lib. to lambs after adaptation period (from 40 kg live mass if BIR Builder ration was used) up to marketing. The finishing ration should be fed only to well-adapted lambs, as it is very high in energy and can cause diarrhoea if used injudiciously, BIR Finisher can be fed directly after adaptation on BIR Receiver to late-maturing lambs (SA Mutton Merino, etc.). The adaptation period on BIR Receiver should then be extended to 14 days instead of 10 days as prescribed.  The dressing percentage can be increased with BIR Finisher ration, However, take care that lambs do not become too fat, as this may affect grading. Particularly suitable for wool types.

Class: Complete sheep feed.

Nutri Sheep Finisher is a complete sheep feed and is fed to fatten sheep,

It contains sufficient grain for fattening, as well as roughage and drugs to promote rumen health and feeding efficiency.

The export product does not contain any drugs and these are replaced by natural food supplements as alternative to drugs in order to support rumen health and action.

It contains anionic salts to limit the incidence of urinary calculi,

It is an effortless product with minimum wastage that is fed ad lib. after an adaptation period of 14 days.

Class: Complete sheep feed.

Nutri Sheep Stud Stock is a complete sheep feed and is fed as is,

  • It provides 140 g/kg good-quality protein, sufficient energy to improve the condition of stud stock, and sufficient effective fibre and drugs for rumen health;
  • The export product contains natural food supplements as alternative to drugs in order to support rumen health and action;
  • It contains anionic salts to prevent urinary calculi;
  • It is available as pellets for ease of use and minimum wastage.

Class: Ewe and lamb feed.

Stimulation feed on grazing:  Feed from three weeks before servicing season to at least two weeks into the servicing season at 750 – 1000g per sheep per day, depending on field conditions and the condition of the sheep.

Ewe ration:  Provide from the last four weeks of pregnancy to six weeks after start of lactation to stimulate milk flow, 250 500g per sheep per day is sufficient, depending on field conditions and the condition of the ewes.

Class: Drought feed.

Serves as a maintenance ration that is fed to sheep at a supplement level of 250 – 350 g per sheep per day during droughts to maintain body mass.

Alternatively, feed the product for 14 days ad lib. without roughage as an adaptation ration until moving over to the next phase (growth phase).

Class: Protein concentrate for complete sheep feed.

Nutri Concentrates are formulated to allow them to be mixed with good quality raw materials on the farm to obtain quality fattening, show or production rations.

Class: Protein concentrate for complete sheep feed.

The unique Nutri Sheep BIR Concentrate by Nutri Feeds is the only feed product available locally that can be fed with whole grains without adding roughage or grinding the grain. The ease of use and versatility of Nutri Sheep BIR Concentrate ensures optimal production and profit and completely eliminates grinding and mixing costs.

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