Ruminant Range

New NUTRI Ruminant Concentrate is highly versatile and perfectly balanced – in every respect:

  • You can mix your beef, sheep or dairy rations with a single concentrate.
  • You can mix the concentrate into a Dairy Meal, Sheep or Beef Fattening or into a NUTRI Lick together with your available raw materials such as maize, salt and/or roughage.
  • All ruminants on the farm will receive the perfect balance of high quality, rumen-degradable protein and energy, promoting ideal growth and bone and muscle tissue development, while maintaining levels of grading.
  • Ensures optimal intake, digestion and absorption of feed, and is highly bio-available.
  • A unique, versatile concentrate, providing a wider range of highly economical mixing options, in order to produce excellent quality fattening, show or production and maintenance rations.
  • Safe and easy mixing with minimum wastage thanks to composition.

Class: Protein and energy concentrate for ruminants.

  • A versatile product that can be used as is;
  • The product is furthermore suitable for mixing with farm-produced raw materials to provide licks, dairy, beef or small-stock rations in cases where the producer prefers to mix his own products;
  • Feel free to contact your Nutri Feeds technical adviser to discuss additional tailor-made formulas.

Class: Protein concentrate for ruminants.

Bypro 35 is a urea and NPN-free HPC (high-protein concentrate) for ruminants and game to be used for home mixing of a variety of high-quality animal-feed products.

Class: Energy supplement.

Nutrimol is a tasty energy supplement for ruminants, horses and game,

  • Because of its high molasses content it is ideal for further mixing with farm-produced raw materials with a high protein value in a variety of rations for sheep, cattle and dairy cows;
  • It can be used effectively to replace a part of the grain in final rations;
  • The nutritional value compares well with that of molasses meal and it can be used effectively as a molasses replacement. 

Class: Concentrate ruminant feed (NPN free).

  • Grainmix is an NPN-free energy concentrate for ruminants, with a protein content of 80 g/kg, and comparable to grain;
  • No further mixing is required;
  • Feed as an energy supplement at 1% of body mass per day after an adaptation period of 7 to 14 days;
  • The product can also be mixed into feed as prescribed by a qualified nutritionist.

Class: Concentrate ruminant feed (NPN free).

  • Enermix is an NPN-free energy concentrate for ruminants, with a protein content of 1 000 g/kg;
  • It has a positive Ca:P ratio that makes it possible to use it as a replacement for grain, as it corrects the limitations of grain;
  • Feed as is as an energy supplement at 1% of body mass per day after an adaptation period of 10 to 14 days;
  • The product is ideal for mixing in consultation with a qualified nutritionist.

Class: Drought feed for ruminants, ostriches, horses and game.

  • Lucerne Pellets are ideal for ruminants but can also comfortably be used for game, horses and even ostriches;
  • They offer the user a wide range of applications;
  • No further mixing is required and they are fed ad lib.;
  • They should not be fed for long periods to late-pregnancy animals or at high levels to rams and wethers;
  • They are available as pellets for ease of use and minimum wastage.

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