Pig Feed Range

NUTRI PIG’s extensive feeding programmes and the product range are suitable for all stages of production. This allows the opportunity to accommodate a variety of production and management systems. Select a program that matches your objectives and aims to: 

  • Ensure more efficient production, with a healthier sow to achieve a production target of 25 marketable pigs per year. 
  • Ensure optimum average daily gains (ADG) for piglets to achieve the desired marketable target weight earlier: 70 kg within 120 days (porkers) and 95 kg within 145 days (baconers).

2103 Nutri Pig Creep
2105 Nutri Pig Starter

2220 Nutri Pig Grower
2225 Nutri Pig Finisher

2305 Nutri Pig Dry Sow
2306 Nutri Pig Lactating Sow
2307 Nutri Pig Extra Sow Lactating Sow

2707 Nutri Pig Multigrower Concentrate
2708 Nutri Pig Lean Grower Concentrate

2704 Nutri Pig Lactating Sow Concentrate
2705 Nutri Pig Extra Sow Lactating Sow Concentrate
2706 Nutri Pig Dry Sow Concentrate

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