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Nutri feeds Live interview on Grootplaas 2

In this Grootplaas interview, Dr Francois van de Vyver from Nutri Feeds discusses the critical factors involved in the profitable production of Beef cattle. The farmer should measure performance against production targets. Of this, the aim of producing a calf per cow per year (inter-calf-period of one year) should be foremost if the target of a weaning percentage of 80 – 85% is to be achieved. Specific nutrients involved in reproduction are highlighted to support the cow in the critical 100 day period preceding calving and the following three months until the cow has reconceived. Supplementary feeds should be offered during the winter period to achieve the target body condition score. Prior to calving, the cow should be placed on a quality lick such as Nutri Lick Production to support the cow’s increased nutrient requirements. Additional management practises such as Creep feed (Nutri Lick Creep) can be offered directly to the calve to benefit from the calves excellent feed conversion whilst “saving” the cow due to the resultant lower milk demand from the calf.

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