Milk Calf / Heifer Feed Range


Maximise milk production and your profits utilising NUTRI Milk Calf/Heifer’s advanced feeding technology.

With the NUTRI Milk Calf/Heifer early weaning program you can now wean calves in as little as 4 weeks for maximum profitability.

By correctly using NUTRI Milk Calf/Heifer you can achieve:

  • Quick and efficient progression of calves from milk to dry diet, cutting calf weaning time by half.
  • Faster, healthier development to full ruminant, resulting in calves reared at a lower cost.
  • Maximum growth and udder development, without infiltration of fat.
  • The shortest possible unproductive time, cows reach mating mass earlier so they calf at a younger age.
  • Calves reach their full genetic milk-producing capacity as complete ruminants.

Calves suffering from poor growth experience stunted framework development to the point where they are unable to take in sufficient feed to achieve optimal milk-producing capacity by the time they start lactating.