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Nutri lekke vir die Somer

Nutri lekke vir die Somer.  Algemene aanbevelings oor fosfaat-aanvulling Die optimale absorpsie van fosfaat in lek-aanvullings is noodsaaklik vir dieregesondheid.  Die optimale absorpsie van fosfaat is:  Onontbeerlik vir metaboliese funksionering en energie- metabolisme;  Uiters belangrik vir beenvorming, veral in jong diere;  Noodsaaklik vir spiergroei (proteïen-sintese);  Noodsaaklik vir vrugbaarheid, reproduksie en hormoonwerking; dit beheer die estrussiklus van vroulike diere;  Nodig vir…

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The Different Stages in the Development process of the Heifer

The different stages in the development process of the heifer, from birth to the first lactation. In the production of milk, the farmers focus is logically on the nutrition and management of the cow during lactation. For improved success, longevity and production from animals, the rearing and correct development of the replacement heifers is of critical importance. This presentation looks…

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Beef Production Presentation

In this presentation on Beef Production, attention is given to improving profitability by focussing on Reproduction rate. In small stock, the option exists to intensify production by using accelerated lambing systems, accompanied by selection for multiple lambs and using creep feeding in such systems. In Beef cattle, the focus is shifted to first-calvers, as the re-conception rate of this group…

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Nutri feeds Live interview on Grootplaas 2

In this Grootplaas interview, Dr Francois van de Vyver from Nutri Feeds discusses the critical factors involved in the profitable production of Beef cattle. The farmer should measure performance against production targets. Of this, the aim of producing a calf per cow per year (inter-calf-period of one year) should be foremost if the target of a weaning percentage of 80…

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Nutri feeds Live interview on Grootplaas

Over-wintering of cattle in the summer rainfall areas is a challenge faced by the farmer every year. In this Grootplaas interview, Dr Francois van de Vyver discusses the approach to the successful over-wintering of cattle. The focus of the interview is on the correct lick supplementation program during the appropriate period (summer or winter) to reach the goal of complimentary…

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