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Beef Production Presentation

In this presentation on Beef Production, attention is given to improving profitability by focussing on Reproduction rate. In small stock, the option exists to intensify production by using accelerated lambing systems, accompanied by selection for multiple lambs and using creep feeding in such systems. In Beef cattle, the focus is shifted to first-calvers, as the re-conception rate of this group of cows in particular is a challenge. The focus of a calf per year should form the basis of the production aims of the farming enterprise. In attaining this goal, the farmer should pay close attention to the 100 day period around calving (30 days prior to calving and the immediate period of lactation thereafter). The bulls contribution is discussed with a focus on rearing healthy, fertile bulls with a high libido. In the aim to improve profitability, options of “value-adding” is addressed. The presentation concludes with an in-depth look at the balanced nutritional program during the summer, transition, winter and late-winter periods.

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